“I went on the ‘Action on Purpose’ group coaching program in 2010. At the time I was thinking about the direction of my career, and how I could achieve my longer-term goals. I have always had high aspirations, and a coach as a sounding board appealed to me.

I showed up to the workshops each week, gave my views and listened to others. The reading and ‘homework’ were very easy, compared to my MBA. But the reflection they prompted, which caused me to think differently, was a lot harder. More broadly, I was able to re-evaluate how I lead my team and what I considered my role as an exec in the wider business. I consequently raised my sights and put in place strategies to support my next roles and my increasing influence in the business.

Roll on 10 years. I have taken many of the steps I outlined and adjusted others. Of course, things haven’t panned out exactly as planned, but AOP has helped me to flex and keep moving in the right direction.

“It is rare to get a real ‘feel good’ experience
that also delivers on business results.”

In addition to the personal value I got from the program and the coaching, I also put all my direct reports, and people in my team identified as ‘talent’, through AOP. They went 1 or 2 at a time, over a number of years. I worked with them during the program, and with Nicola, to help them not only perform better at work, but feel better across their broader lives. Some of this they shared with me, some they didn’t. Their choice.

Being able to send 1 or 2 people at a time made AOP even more appealing, as it made budgeting very easy within individual development plans. I’ve had nothing but great feedback about the program from my people and have been thanked repeatedly for supporting them in this way. It is rare to get a real ‘feel good’ experience that also delivers on business results. I think that is one of the many things that sets AOP apart – together with the skill and heart of those who run it.”

Author: Nicola Deakin