Action on Purpose coming to you – ‘intimate + personal’ via your device

The Frog’s purpose – to infuse business with the skills and positive energy to change the world – seems globally pertinent just now. Our time has come.

It’s a big call. Trickier when the people in organisations we work with are unable to pay attention. Pre-COVID, they were bombarded – hourly, daily – by the ‘urgent’. Now, many have plunged into a world of increased complexity (and it was hardly ‘simple’ before), uncertainty + isolation. They’re trying to maintain performance, while juggling short term household logistics (including staying sane, keeping fit, and supporting those around them). No wonder ’emotional whiplash’ is common. That’s a lot to ask, of all of us.

We’re here to help.

Action on Purpose provides regular space, support, and a proven process to unlock patterns of thinking so you can take action on the stuff that really matters to you. And it is possible that “what really matters to you” has shifted lately.

We invite reflection, sharing, practise and experimentation with new skills, so you can work out better ways to show up. In each of the many roles you play. You define and achieve things that are important to you. Your entire ecosystem benefits. And you can breathe.

I just feel more on top of things” – from a recent Action on Purpose (AOP) member.

Vibrant Frog works mostly at the macro level across businesses, to help them shift culture and implement strategy. But we love to work with people one-on-one, in more intimate groups. Now seems the time for connecting smaller groups, injecting energy and helping people shift to sometimes very different ways of working, alone and collectively.

AOP gives us the gift of stronger and deeper connection. For clients, they often say “It was life-changing” (yep, they do!). Sometimes we get immediate feedback on how things have improved. Sometimes it’s a year or two afterwards, an email or LinkedIn message out of the blue, explaining where they are now and how AOP helped.

That’s soul food for all of us.

For some, Action on Purpose is a nuanced look at life, and a re-commitment to things they’ve overlooked.

For others, it is an opportunity to focus clearly on what needs to happen right now, but in a way that retains balance with the wider world and the longer game.

The great thing is that, whatever your starting point, AOP gives an opportunity to draw a line in the sand, to take stock, and dare to be your best. Despite the circumstances.

AOP has proven invaluable for organisations and can be used programmatically to help leaders transition, to make talent shine brighter or to help people recommit to the business.

Leadership should be like a lighthouse: unwavering, assuring, constant and most of all, a bearer of light to show the way, come rain or shine. – Dr Moses Simuyemba

The deets

Here’s what it looks and feels like:

  • Individual coaching (personalised attention) – at the start, the end, and wherever else is required
  • 10 x weekly 2.5 hour virtual + interactive workshops with a small brains trust: to think, connect, challenge, learn, experiment
  • Personal audit, including understanding what really drives you, and how to harness your motivation – a critical way to ground yourself as change speeds up
  • Relentless practise in getting meaningful stuff done – the stuff that counts
  • A spruce-up of your self-image, because the decisions we make come through the lens of our self-perception. You need one that supports where you’re heading!

Action on Purpose is our intentional approach to supporting people through the current (and likely future) uncertainty.  It’s invaluable at the best of times. It’s critical now. A Facebook post and access to online mindfulness meditations may provide some respite for some people, if they actively participate more than a couple of times. The discipline required to start a new practice is challenging… just knowing that you should doesn’t get it done.  Action on Purpose gives you a helping hand: the tools, techniques and ways of thinking to swim strongly and master the waves rather than get pulled under. With a coach and a brains trust by your side.

Why 10 weeks?

Because ‘being your best’ isn’t an intellectual exercise. You don’t just watch a TED talk, listen to a podcast, read a book, have a bit of a think and ‘Eureka’! If nothing changes, nothing changes.

It is called ‘Action on Purpose’ because you have to do something. Every week.

It is like having a personal trainer for the mind, building the muscle to follow through on the things you’ve decided are important and valuable.

Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light – Professor Albus Dumbledore

So join our multi-business virtual Action on Purpose.  If getting the right stuff done and feeling more in control sparks joy for you, give us a call and talk to us about what you are after:

  • Nicola on 0408 480 840
  • Ali on 0432 620 925

It’s a quick and easy way to decide if there is a fit.

Expect to shift. Expect to challenge your thinking. Expect new friendships. Expect more. We will expect it of you, too. We will support you gently and firmly while you explore what’s possible.

For the specific details, and to book a place, email our Ops Rock Star, Bree Delaney:

Come and play – it’s your calling.

Author: Alison West