How it all Began

With an autocratic ANZ executive team and after many years of staff cuts, cost reduction and reorganisation, the leadership was very lean.  A new Exec team wanted to change their own working methods from top down and autocratic and also equip the next level of senior leaders to handle this new autonomy. The culture needed to move from aggressive and fear-based to collaborative, while still maintaining a strong sales focus and business alignment.

How We Helped

We worked with the Exec team on their new vision, working rhythms and distributed leadership skills.

We then designed an extended program of work for the next level of leaders to build skill and support their new behaviour and working methods:

  • Modular approach, interspersed with individual coaching, to fit the needs of these leaders;
  • Dynamic, varied interactions including sharing of robust tools, high-definition simulations with actors, business analysis processes, application of tools to real business challenges, peer review and self-paced learning;
  • Individual and team coaching to drive results.

Results Achieved

Created numerous solutions to cultural and systems challenges using the tools and the cross-functional leverage inherent in the process

Facilitated the implementation of more than two-dozen important projects that had a direct impact on the sales and efficiency of the business

Significantly reduced duplication and cost by uncovering and rationalising multiple streams of work designed to achieved the same result

Created multiple new working relationships and broke down silos that had existed in the business for a decade