How it all Began

The newly formed senior leadership team of the business to business organisation (more than 2,000 people) needed to explore new ways of working to meet progressively growing targets in a highly competitive environment.  Challenges included:

  • Organisational evolution (moving from product towards product + consulting)
  • Ongoing and increasing pressure on Sales; tension between Sales and Delivery
  • ‘Initiative overwhelm’ due to the number and complexity of ‘priority’ projects
  • Internal leadership capability + size, and distribution of the leadership group, have made it tricky to collaborate and align efforts across the business

How We Helped

  • Worked with senior stakeholders to develop a pathway (towards better business results through collaboration and alignment, accountability, stronger relationships with owners, and personal wellbeing). We adopted a structured and personalised approach for the large leadership team, including:
  • Structured observation of the team in action (various forums) and feedback of data
  • Series of offsites to connect the team, explore future possibilities, align on current reality and develop a framework and skills for pursuing excellence in a range of business areas
  • Coaching/feedback for key leaders
  • Advice and guidance on changes to systems and process that reinforce desired state

Results Achieved

  • Leaders continue to stretch their level of awareness beyond default mindsets and behaviours, in service of business results. They hold each other to account + support each other at the same time
  • Increased understanding of each other’s objectives in the context of the common goals, and tighter connection across functional areas with a focus on overall (rather than individual) business outcomes
  • Given the progress to date, we are now infusing the broader group of leaders across the business in this new way of working