Probably. But often we don’t. Even the important stuff.

Can we run or cycle or swim or walk or kayak on our own? Yes.

Can we join a gym, get a personal program and work out? Of course.

Do we know it will be good for our health, fitness and mental state?  Absolutely!

So why doesn’t everyone have a fitness regime they stick to, and live in a state of optimum vitality?

As Robin Sharma said, “You can’t become legendary if you have no energy!

We know that it is vital for personal performance, across all areas of life, to be fit and healthy.  If we know we want to, but Nike’s slogan alone isn’t getting it done, maybe a personal trainer or coach could help.  There are probably many more reasons why personal trainers can have a huge impact, but these are the first 6 that came to mind:

  1. You commit to meet them regularly (and paying them usually increases this feeling of commitment)
  2. You have a regular time dedicated to your health and fitness goals that you have committed to with someone else.  It gives leverage.  So when you are tired, or it’s raining, it is easier to blow off training when it is ‘just you’.  Not so easy when you know your personal trainer has also had to get up early and is waiting for you on the beach, in the park or at the gym.  So you are much more likely to stick with the plan.
  3. They understand where you are when you start, and where you want to get to.  So they can help you extend your reach (and they have the knowledge and experience to know just how far to push).
  4. They bring expert knowledge to the relationship to help get you to your goals faster – best ways to exercise, understanding of diet and nutrition, thinking skills, ways to measure progress, sanity checks …
  5. They encourage you along the way.  Relentlessly.
  6. They have a wider view of what is possible, so they can push you past where you thought your limits were and take you even further.

So ‘should’ you be able to do it yourself? … Maybe.  Some people do.

Are you likely to get a better result with a personal trainer? …  Almost certainly.  It is one of the reasons why professional athletes at the top of their game still use a coach.

So let’s extend this thinking a little.

Could you lift your performance at work?  What about lifting how you feel about your life more holistically?  What could you do?  Could a friend, manager or coach help you?

Your life may be pretty amazing right now.  Just think how much more amazing it could be with some focused attention, regular time and space to think strategically, and a good dose of personal support.

To get started, think about just one thing you could do on a regular basis (but you’re not) that you know will boost your performance or your life in some way.  Commit to doing it this week.  Tell someone (who you trust) that you’re going to do it, and then check in with them when you have.  Hold yourself accountable.  Take action.

Arney said it well: “Nobody gets muscles by watching me lift weights”.  Sad, but true …

Author: Nicola Deakin