We exist to help organisations sustain extraordinary results through distributed leadership.


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We’re not getting the best from the business.

How do we, through leadership, enable it to thrive?

Find out how

We aren’t getting the best from our people.

How do we enable them to flourish – to excel on every human level?

Find out how

Our people are exhausted and in danger of burnout and we need them at their best.

How do we equip our leaders to sustain ‘peak performance’?

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We exist because...

  • The world is advancing in almost every direction at an unprecedented rate.

    We believe there is a need for an evolution in leadership to capitalise on the opportunities this dynamic and turbulent environment can create.

  • For organisations to move beyond mere survival, they need to enable their people to flourish and excel on every human level.

    Evidence shows that extraordinary results and flourishing people are intimately connected, not mutually exclusive. Both are critical to success in this connected, evolving, face-paced world.

At Vibrant Frog we develop, measure and sustain Positive and Mindful leadership skills at all levels to help businesses thrive, people to flourish and leaders to operate at peak performance.

We believe that this leadership evolution will enable organisations to sustain extraordinary results.

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